Sports Performance Training

Sports performance training at RND Athletics in Leslieville, Toronto offers a multitude of benefits to athletes of all levels. With our gym’s expert coaches, athletes can enhance their strength, speed, agility and endurance, ultimately improving their overall performance on the field or court. RND Athletics’s programming focuses on injury prevention, developing proper technique and enhancing movement patterns, elevating body awareness and coordination ensuring long-term athletic success.


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Sports Performance Training Benefits


Improved Cohesion Between Teammates

Sports performance training for teams and athletes will improve cohesion and enhance overall performance among team members.  Athletes benefit from a collective motivational boost as they work together toward shared goals.

Expert Coaches

Our strength coaches have spent years with some of the best mentors and coaches in professional sports.  Our coaches will develop and personally tailor training programs specific to an athletes sport and performance requirements with focus on injury prevention through targeted strength and conditioning, and enhancing athleticism and enduranceon the court or floor.

Varied Training

Our “game-changing” sports performance training will improve your overall performance on the field or court.  We accomplish this by charting a road map using different pillars of performance throughout your journey.  Our first goal will be to build that foundational strength needed to endure tough competitions, followed by programming to enhance injury prevention through targeted strength and conditioning, and our final goal would be to unlock that extra athleticism with sport specific movements.

Athletic Success

RND Athletics’s programming focuses on building your foundation from the ground up so you can stay on the floor, court or field longer.  Athletes completing our programming experience enhanced physical conditioning, improved awareness and coordination, increased mental toughness and confidence, and an increased knowledge base of injury prevention and how to optimize recovery post game or season.

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