To some, a workout is simply a workout. But in our house, it’s much deeper than that. It’s a statement, a defining point and a chance to show yourself that every drop of sweat, every weight lifted and every rep earned is another step closer towards that greater goal. It’s about falling and getting back up. It’s about showing up for your RND family, the uphill climb and facing adversity together and head-on. It’s about working to make your dream a reality. Most of all, it’s about embracing your personal journey and defying your own limits. This is the greatness we strive for.


Relentless in our pursuit. Driven beyond measure.

Welcome to our family.


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Alvin Diaz owner of RND Athletics

Alvin Diaz


Alvin is an elite performance coach and founder of RND Athletics.

Alvin discovered his true passion for coaching and training during his experience as a Basketball Coach at Jarvis Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Determined to offer his future clients and teammates the most state-of-the-art training techniques available, he embarked on a mentorship program under the Strength and Conditioning team of the Toronto Raptors.

His rich background in basketball focuses on agility, core and stability, with his experience in football enabling focus on greater strength, power and speed. He has been able to develop a suite of programs that cater to an athlete’s needs, whether it is in-season muscle activation, off-season strength building or working to increase a vertical jump.

Some of his clients include players from the NBA, NFL, NCAA, CEBL and Olympic athletes. Recently, in August of 2023, Coach Alvin won a franchise first, Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) Professional championship with the Scarborough Shooting Stars as their Director of Performance.

Despite his love for training high performance athletes and professional teams, his true passion is for teaching and mentoring, for buildings teams and relationships, and most importantly – building and being part of a community. This was the catalyst for opening the doors of RND Athletics to the public. He whole heartedly believes that EVERYONE is an athlete and that our daily lives is our shared sport.

RND is our #happyplace – its where members can have a safe space to celebrate wins (big or small), to push past and defy limits, where you’re guaranteed a smile and high-five, and a place where you can feel part of a family relentlessly in pursuit of one goal – to live a happier and healthy life.

Blair coach at RND Athletics

Coach Blair

Performance Director

Combines science with fitness, is an avid gamer, and shouts when lifting heavy. We also think he should be the next avenger in the Marvel series.

Lila coach at RND Athletics

Coach Lila


A long-standing RND member who recently made the jump into coaching at RND. Lila’s passion for fitness and fiery competitiveness will definitely fuel your next workout. Also a carpenter and soon to be firefighter – NBD.

Daryl coach at RND Athletics

Coach Daryl

Boxing Vet

From beginners to professional fighters, he’s trained all levels of athletes and enthusiasts alike.

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